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Employment Type Full-Time
Minimum Experience Experienced

THE NEW RULE BOOK of online communication and marketing is being written as we speak. The old school tricks don’t apply anymore. We are looking for a digital-first journalist.

Can you engage today’s fleeting “online content consumer”? Can you both inform, guide and entertain? Can you dig out the perfect angle which will make any news editor drool over your pitch? Can you catch the attention of the right audience while they skim their news feed?

Can you produce content which works for the algorithms yet write for real people?

Your role is to shine a light on the pains and opportunities retailers have when they need to drive demand to their online outlets. The purpose is to create or inspire a need for our solution. Your method is educating the industry and our target customers on a solution and its value.

You will be engaging retailers across the globe, yet acknowledging each local culture and market situation holds different opportunities. You will be communicating in english.

We will of course give you ample time to learn. We will trust in your experience as a journalist to research, validate and produce the right content. Quality content which sparks engagement and curiosity. We rely on your proven method to reach out and validate your stories with external sources. Expect to speak to quite a few people across Zoom, Meet or Whatsapp.

Being a content producer at iPaper. What does “content” mean? We are looking for someone who is a conveyor of knowledge who masters multiple communicative formats:

  • written, spoken, presented, interview style

How we imagine you as a candidate

  • You are a great communicator and storyteller
  • Your foundation holds multiple content formats (video, copy, audio)
  • You know how to involve media
  • You know how to involve the reader
  • You have a journalistic background and approach
  • You can thrive and deliver on time; get the right people excited about it and allow them to contribute
  • All content will be in English. You must master English in both written and oral form as close to native level as possible

Key responsibilities 

  • Plan, source, produce/co-produce and deliver the quality stories in any format that is required
  • Extend our content universe around retail eCommerce
  • Identify topics and trends related to our market position and products
  • PR activities for strategic placements and relations
  • Results – crafting impactful niche content and messaging with a purpose
  • Distribution of content across owned channels: blog, social, email
  • Provoke and entice sharing of our messages and our stories
  • Repurpose and curate content

We are a multicultural bunch of people, currently 10 different nationalities. We speak, slack and communicate in english internally, so we all understand each other.

You will be working closely with our Communications & Brand Manager. You will be joining a marketing team of currently 4, soon to be 7. As a team, we strive to help new and existing customers discover how iPaper can help bring direct value to their business. Alongside your core colleagues you will interact with all stakeholders both internally and externally.

We embrace working from our Århus HQ or working remotely as an opportunity when required or preferred.

This position reports to our CMO.

iPaper is a place for ambitious people. We take great pride in creating an environment and culture where you have the ability to grow. 

We will start the interviewing process immediately and aim to close the role as soon as possible.

During the interviewing process, you’ll be meeting quite a few of us. This should get you a good understanding of iPaper and the people you might end up working with. We want to get to know you and we also want you to get a first-hand insight into what it will be like to join our team!

To apply: 

  • Your motivation - why do you want to apply your talent with this role?
    • Have you done this before? (How, what, when)
  • Please upload or link to your CV (your updated Linkedin preferred)

ABOUT iPaper
We are on a mission! We want to help our customers bring an engaging and inspiring shopping experience to their ecommerce shoppers. We do this via our 2 primary products Flipbooks and Display which we offer on a SaaS model. To get our message across we need to educate and inspire our potential customers over time. We need to promote our message and build up our positioning across our markets. This is where you come in! It’s a long term play and part of our mission is to build an engaged audience. An audience which keeps returning to our owned channels. An audience which is willing to share our message. Returning to learn more about product discovery and how it can become actionable to them.

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