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Do you want to build awesome stuff and have fun while doing it? Then we want you! We're looking for a backend developer to join our iPaper team serving 35+ million end users a month.

iPaper products

We don't use much hipster stuff here, but you can expect us to shine with the following:

  • TypeScript
  • C#
  • Microsoft SQL-Server
  • AWS

We like these tools, and we hope that you think they're cool as well. 

Our platform actually consists of two products:

iPaper Flipbooks

Our original product that today is the spine of our company, it's been around for quite a few years but the code isn't half bad if you ask us. With that said we do have a change coming up with migrating to .NET Core, so we could really use an extra hand here.

iPaper Displays

This is the new kid on the block that has the potential of being nothing short of amazing. It's very modern and it has plenty of room for new technologies and researching cutting edge stuff*. We expect that you'll be pitching in with ideas that can improve the product or codebase.

But enough about what you’ll be doing, let’s tell you who you’ll be working with…

iPaper Culture

We are iPaper, we’re friendly, trustworthy, smart, inquisitive and so much more.** We're also a pretty unique workplace, if you haven't already noticed. We have 8 nationalities in our office so we’re quite a diverse bunch. But saying that we love to grab a drink together on Fridays (not mandatory btw), throw a party for any occasion and often visit our local gaming café to battle it out.

(Some of us are nerds - no point trying to hide it, so you can safely chat about board games, archeology, mendelian inheritance or unicorns)

So, what can we offer in exchange for you helping us make even better products? Well how about this:

  • A very friendly, easy going workplace with awesome colleagues
  • A very nice and modern office in the heart of Aarhus, but in a location where parking is possible
  • The ability to work on a SaaS platform with 35 million-ish visitors every month, on all sorts of strange devices
  • We don't spend time on tracking tasks, so you won't be registering hours, you’re free to work at your own pace
  • Salary based on experience and qualifications
  • A place where you are expected to influence the product


You've travelled so far in the position description that you might wonder where is the "we expect" section, look no further:

  • Basic knowledge of JavaScript, HTML & CSS - TypeScript would be an absolute plus
  • Mastery of ASP.NET and C# - we require no less
  • Experience with SQL Server and how to write high performance SQL Queries
  • Experience with cloud hosting, than be AWS, Azure or Google Cloud Platform
  • Experience with source control - merging, branching, pull requests
  • Participation in code reviews. We review everything, and we catch a lot of bugs doing it

It would be awesome if you could check a few items in the next list but it's not a requirement, we'll teach you if you don't know it all:

  • Deep knowledge of internet infrastructure – cache headers, DNS, CDNs etc.
  • Experience with deployments  - we all need that code to run somewhere
  • Experience with JavaScript frameworks like VueJS, Angular, Backbone, Knockout etc.

If you've made it this far, you should probably just send us that application along with a CV, clearly you are interested in us and we might be interested in you too. Don't be shy, hit us up and we'll heat up the coffee machine.

We are open for remote workers, but not outsourcing. While we do like the remote living world, we have most employees in Denmark why we only look at +/- 1 hour timezone difference to Denmark for now.

The Force*** will be with you. Always.

* No block-chain, Machine Learning, AI or Quantum Computing... - Sorry, but we aren't that hip.

** Data gathered from an internal employee perception discussion.

*** Your future colleagues.

Thank You

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