Business Development Consultant (Spanish Speaking)

Sales · Aarhus C, Østjylland
Department Sales
Employment Type Full-Time
Minimum Experience Mid-level



iPaper is a SaaS platform offering eCommerce businesses the ability to utilize their printed catalogs online. 

Shoppable catalogs are all the rage in Latin America right now. We’re gearing up to serve this new market with an Exceptional Salesperson to help them start their journey in the best possible way

This means we need to step up our habla game and expand our Sales team.

We are looking for our next Business development Superstar 🤩

This is where you come in! 


Inbound is the reactive part of our sales team, taking care of leads generated from marketing. It is our goal to ensure that as many of the leads coming in through marketing, experience success with our product, and end up becoming a paying customer.

Common for all the leads we work with is that they have started a buying journey online trying to identify a solution that fits their requirements. 

In most cases when we get in touch with a lead they have either decided to start a trial on our platform or contacted us for further information. 

It’s now our job to establish a connection with this lead, understand their needs, and help them build a plan to succeed. 

We believe in the idea of “creating success” for our customer will eventually sell the product”. 


As an “Inbounder”, you are in most cases the first human that our customers meet when interacting with our platform.
Thus, it’s important that you are representing iPaper in the best possible way.

Consider yourself as a world-class product guide. 🌟 

First, you’ll have to understand the customer’s context to be relevant in your outreach. Then your structure and research skills are going to be your friend when finding out more about the lead, and the company they work for.

Next, you’ll have to build trust with your customer, make sure you understand their needs and goals before you help them translate that into a step-by-step plan to succeed.

Tasks and follow-up reminders are key here to keep building on top of the information you’ve been given, and not risk losing trust by missing an appointment or a key follow-up moment. 

And finally, the customer might not be able to digest all the steps needed to become a real superstar at this early stage. It is therefore important that you are capable of breaking it down step by step, providing pieces of information and inspiration to avoid overwhelming them and create a frictionless journey to their dreams and goals. 

As you have probably sensed by now.... this is very much on the customers' terms. So being flexible is important, as we often have inquiries from different parts of the world, with different time zones.

This role is also part of a close-knit team where communication is key, as the volume is high and the pace is fast! Being supportive of your team members and stepping up in times of need is crucial, as is the ability to ask for help. We work as a team and succeed as one.


Service-minded, Curious, Conscientious, Team player.

To succeed in this role:

  • You are a native level Spanish speaker & speak/ write English at a professional level (Portuguese would be a huge bonus)
  • You have knowledge of Latin American culture and working practices.
  • You are timely and reliant – you are a person of your word. 
  • You are empathetic, have a high work ethic, and care about living up to the expectations of your team. 
  • You have experience with sales/support from a European company, ideally in a SaaS environment. 
  • You are well organized and understand that a great structure is a key to success. 
  • You are coachable and willing to learn. 
  • You have great interpersonal skills and being service-minded is natural to you. 
  • You have a commercial mindset. ( Online Marketing knowledge would be great)
  • You know that it is important to challenge the status quo to improve – even though it might not come naturally to you. 
  • You find pleasure in being the perfect guide for our leads, helping them to achieve success with our product. 
  • You know that focus is key when communicating.
  • You are always constructive when speaking your mind and understand that it requires compromises from everyone to make a team work and succeed.

Even though we are a Danish company operating in Denmark, Danish skills are not a requirement, but you have to be located in Denmark :)


We are iPaper. We help each other succeed every day. We’re a friendly, dedicated, and inquisitive bunch of people. We also have a pretty unique workplace; multiple nationalities make us quite a diverse bunch. We empower each other as a team, but there is plenty of room for you to be yourself and suggest anything from new features to how we should decorate our office.

We dedicate time to have fun together on Fridays, make a quiz, play a game, or throw a party for any occasion!

So, what can we offer you in exchange for helping us grow our business in Latin America? 

  • A stable workplace for years if you are dedicated and thorough. 
  • A place where you’re trusted to influence the product and the customer journey.
  • A very friendly, easy-going workplace with colleagues that cares. 
  • A new, spacious, and modern office in the heart of Aarhus, but in a location where parking is possible.
  • Ongoing focus on how to support and help you improve your skill-set.
  • Salary based on experience and qualifications.

Though founded in 2006, we've maintained our start-up culture. We don't like bureaucracy, we're open, we're inquisitive and we're curious. With 34 employees across 13  nationalities, our corporate language is English and we're heavy users of Slack and Zoom to support days where we’re working remote. We've got a huge terrace, a BBQ, a branded foos table, VR, physio, fruit, lunch, and a great vibe.

Bonus facts:

  • More than a thousand customers across 57 countries and six continents.
  • Over 100 million monthly sessions across our product lines.
  • EU is our largest market, with Latin America being the second largest.
  • Lower than industry average churn rate.
  • Cash flow positive for a decade.
  • Solid YoY growth, in constant search for the hockey stick.


This post is really long. It’s intentional. If you've made it this far, we might have awakened something in you. Something you want to be a part of.
Now, go forth and answer a few questions and submit them along with your LinkedIn profile. We will continue the conversation from there 🙏

All applications will be reviewed on the 2nd of July where we’ll get back to you with a reply.

*When submitting an application, iPaper will process and store your information for up to three months, with the sole purpose of handling your application.

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