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Take charge of our strategic product management and help realize our product vision as our senior product manager

Are you tired of seeing endless grids of products, optimized for filtering, sorting and searching? If so, join us and share our vision of challenging the way most webshops are set up today. We are introducing and improving product discovery for eCommerce.

You will become our market expert, maintaining an overview of our competition, customers and market opportunities. You will surface and prioritize opportunities for fulfilling our vision and growing our business, while maintaining our world class product experience. All this while being the internal and external face of our product strategy.

While more than 20 years old, we believe Ben Horowitz’ description of a Good Product Manager / Bad Product Manager is still overall very on-point.



  • Understand that this is a social salesy role.
  • Like talking to stakeholders, internal as well as external.
  • Are used to saying no, fully aware it makes you the good guy in the long run.
  • Won’t always be able to build what you want.
  • Are opinionated but listen to reason, data and sound arguments.

Key Responsibilities

  • Develop and maintain an understanding of our own product lines as well as the market and competition.
  • Continual focus on understanding our customers and the pains they experience, whether achieved by objective data, surveys, sales call participation or personal interviews.
  • Nurture internal and external ideation while being a ruthless prioritizer. This demands for transparency in the process, so you can communicate in terms that stakeholders understand and respect.
  • Coordinate product releases across departments. Releases should not be surprising to anyone; they should be exciting.
  • Ensure that our pricing always scales with the customers’ perception of value.
  • Be the friend of our salesforce. Listen. Question. Challenge. Care. Help them make money.
  • Support our marketing efforts. No-one knows our USP’s as well as you do, just as no-one knows our market fit as well as you do.
  • Identify potential partner opportunities.
  • Run pilot programs with early-stage products and experiments.

Key Skills

  • Innately data-driven with the ability to bring evidence-based decision-making to your communication.
  • Inherent need to organize and structure, whether it’s ideas, market data, feedback, etc. 
  • Possess excellent written and verbal English communication and presentation skills.
  • While not being a developer, you should have a solid technical understanding of web technologies.
  • Demonstrable experience in the fields of online marketing and eCommerce.
  • Cherry on the top – experience within B2B SaaS product management.

The Constellation

You will report directly to the CEO and work closely together with the heads of development, marketing, sales and care. As our market expert, you will team up with the Head of UX, our product expert, to make stuff happen. Once you identify the pains and opportunities, the Head of UX will envision the actual product at which point our CTO will take over and make the magic happen.



Though founded in 2006, we've maintained our startup culture. We don't like bureaucracy, we're open, we're inquisitive and we're curious. With 30 employees across 8 nationalities, our corporate language is English and we're heavy users of Slack and Zoom to support our remote employees. We've got a huge terrace, a grill, a branded foos table, VR, physio, fruit, lunch and a great vibe.

Now, for some extra facts:

  • More than a thousand customers across 57 countries and six continents.
  • More than 50 million monthly end user sessions across our product lines.
  • EU is our largest market, with Latin america being the second largest.
  • Lower than industry average churn rate, though we always strive to improve.
  • Cash flow positive for a decade.
  • Solid YoY growth, in constant search for the hockey stick.


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